Popular Bullies’ Coaches and Players

The Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies is one of the most popular hockey team in the world. The players gained fame after winning the championships like the Kelly Cups. And they also had fans from the city and the neighboring areas. Each of the players of this hockey team had great contributions in the history of hockey sports. One of the players who became popular is Ian Walterson. He started playing under Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies team from 2001 to 2005. He played a total of 257 games then retired.

Next is Stefan Rivard. He became the captain of the team for three seasons. He achieved 185 points during his games. And when the team had their first three seasons, Mike Haviland became the head coach from 2001 to 2004. Ryan Mougenel is also one of the best players of the team and he retired after winning the Kelly Cup together with his teammates. The Bullies team leader in goals and points is none other than Luke Curtin who played most of his career in the ECHL.

Other players of the team who became famous include Kevin Colley, Jim Henkel, Scott Stirling, Mark French, Bryan Fahey, Kirk Furey, and J.F. Caudron. From the year that this hockey team was formed, all of the players gained fame after receiving the Kelly Cups or the championship award. Even if most of these players only played for four years or less, they felt very grateful that they became a part of the team. After leaving Atlantic City, most of the players love to coach youth hockey.