Types of Hockey

Hockey is said to be the greatest sport on earth. And there are many reasons for this. One of the reasons is that the players have the ability to control to game. Because it is a team sport, the players can establish a good relationship aside from being teammates. In this kind of sports, there are two teams who play and try to maneuver a ball or also called a puck. They use a hockey stick to do it. There are three major types of hockey.

It could be bandy, field hockey, or ice hockey. Field hockey and ice hockey are very popular in many different parts of the world. Countries such as United States, Finland, Slovakia, and many other countries call it as ice hockey. But in most part of the world, it is called as field hockey. The term “hockey” is actually of unknown origin. The players use sticks having curved or “hooked” ends and also a ball. Bandy, which is one of the types of hockey is also played with a ball.

Moreover, it is played typically outdoors having rules that are similar to that of association football. This type of hockey is very popular in Russia and Sweden. And for Field Hockey, this is usually being played on natural grass or water-based artificial turf and a small hard ball. This type of sports is being played by males and females in various parts of the world such as Europe, Asia, and Argentina. And for Ice Hockey, the players play using skaters and a puck.