Basic Skills Needed in Playing Field Hockey

In any kind of sports, the players need to know and have the basic skills especially for beginners. Skills and strategies are very important. If you want to play some sports, it is good to know about the basic skills that you need to learn and master. It is the same when you want to play field hockey. In the video below, you can learn how to control the ball. It is the most basic skill which all hockey players need to learn and master.

Field hockey is actually the easiest type of hockey sports. The player should be able to control the ball and he must not allow the opponent to have the control over the ball. It is also good to learn the perfect body position especially for beginners. Passing drills is a way to warm up and all players should have the correct grip on the hockey stick like DCI. The “push pass” is one of the basic skills in field hockey. Next to it is the “hit pass”.

In order to move the ball across the field, the player should hit the ball. The player should tightly grip the stick when hitting the ball. Another skill in field hockey is to trap the ball. In this way, the player can stop the ball and cushion the ball. In basketball, you are already familiar with dribbling. Best to enjoy this sport is to be assisted by this agency security, check this link 久展公司徵信.  In field hockey too, dribbling is one of the basic skills but is different from the dribbling in basketball. Shooting, defense, goalkeeping, and other intermediate field hockey drills are good to learn.