Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies

Sports is being played all over the world. Among the popular sports in the world is Hockey and there are many hockey teams worldwide. In Atlantic City, New Jersey, a hockey team named Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies won the Kelly Cup in 2003. It is not the original name of the team. Despite their success, they were not able to have a stable attendance during the game. And later on, the franchise was sold. As a result, the hockey team moved and renamed as the Stockton Thunder.

The team was founded in 1990 and is an ECHL hockey team. It began to be operated in 2001 up to 2005 at the team’s venue which is the Boardwalk Hall. Regarding its franchise history, the team’s original name is Cincinnati Cyclones from 1990 to 1992. And because it was not stable, it moved again and the team’s name changed to Birmingham Bulls in 1992 up to 2001. Then the hockey team name Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies started to be operated and used from 2001 up to 2005. They also received Conference Championships in 2002-2003 aside from Kelly Cups.

In any sports, being the champion is the greatest achievement that an individual athlete or a team can receive. If the members of a team coordinate or cooperate well with each other, there is a big possibility for the team to win and be the champion. If the attendance of the team continued to increase, then the franchise would not have been sold and continued to gain success in many of the games each season.  The team actually had its own fans.